Yoav Erez


Born in 1982, Yoav adopted piano playing in kindergarten and spent his formative years playing classical music at the Israeli Conservatory of Music in Tel-Aviv. While attending mandatory army service, Yoav also took acoustic guitar lessons along with voice training and performed in several musical projects and Israeli tribute bands, playing material in Hebrew as well as American cover songs.

In 2005 he created Bend - the first group to play his own original music written in English and after several months he moved to New York and began looking for new members as he recreated the band in its American form. During the next 7 years Bend recorded many professional tracks (all written and produced by Yoav) and played dozens of shows and events in the east coast area until its members separated in May 2012.

Yoav lives in Downtown Brooklyn, NY and is currently available for new and exciting projects.

"Girls Like You" Performed at Bend's last show at Arlene's Grocery - May 2012

A fun medley of Queen songs, Recorded by Chris Camilleri at Dubway Studios - NYC


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